YK-810 (Vital Sign Monitor)


Product Information:

Model: YK-810

Brand: Yonker

Made In China

  • 4.3 “high resolution color LCD screen.
  • Compact and portable, allowing the uninterrupted monitoring;
  • Communication power supply, built-in lithium battery;

Adjustable sound and visual alarm; 4.

  • Storage and trend data for 36 hours of patient;
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric and neonatal patients;
  • The query convenient measurement data;
  • USB data upload;
  • Optional: print

SPo2 monitoring
Continuous real-time measurement.Adopting digital Spo2 technology,
Has strong anti-jamming capability, real-time display SPo2,
Pulse repetition frequency, SPo2 trace size, bar chart, SPo2 and pulse rate trend chart.
Trend diagram function adaptive extended standard adult finger – clip probe,
Binding survey newborns is optional.SPo2 measurement range: 35% – 100%
Accuracy (1%) resolution: in the stage of 70% – 100% plus or minus 2%, less than 70% and unspecified period.
The pulse measurement:
Scope: BPM 30-250 BPM (BPM solutions: 1);Accuracy: + / – 2 BPM or + / – 2%,
Which is bigger, measure performance weak filling conditions:
SPo2 and pulse rate can be displayed correctly when pulse – filling rate is 0.4%, SPo2 error of plus or minus 4%;
Pulse rate of error of plus or minus 2 BPM or + / – 2%, which is more big.Resistance to ambient light:
Value of the deviation between the measured by artificial light or indoor conditions
Natural light and the dark room is less than + / – 1%.


SPo2, SPo2 + NIBP

SPo2 + ETCO2 SPo2 + NIBP + ETCO2

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