Digital Radiography (DR)

DRTECH,  is one of the leading global providers of high quality flat-panel x-ray detectors for digital
radiography. Headquartered in Korea, our research and manufacturing facilities enable us to develop innovative and unique, state of the art digital x-ray detectors that are opening new chapters in digital x-ray diagnosis and patient care.

EVS4343_1.jpg Cassettes_3sizes

Key Features
  • Best quality x-ray images
  • High sharpness images by direct deposited CsI.
  • Better DQE performance in higher spatial frequencies.
  • Faster image display by a high speed operating scheme.
  • The best quality and x-ray image fine tuning with ECONSOLE1 & EENGINE.
  • High resistance to impact and vibration
  • Low price fixed grid (120 lines/inches)
  • Portable dual battery charger,Long lasting battery
  • Slim cassette size (43 x 43 cm2, 15 mm)
  • High definition by direct deposition.
  • Wifi image transfer available (option)
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 2 sec.
  • SMART AT(Auto trigger) which means an advanced AED mode with maximum x-ray efficiency.


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