Computed Radiography (CR)

FireCR Spark Medical Reader

The FireCR Spark Medical Readers offer the highest signal collection efficiency—providing crystal-clear image quality. The readers are small and light, allowing them to be placed on a counter or wall-mounted. The FireCR Spark accommodates a range of cassette sizes to meet every imaging need, and cassettes feature advanced engineering that makes them remarkably strong and robust.

Country of Origin: Denmark. Assembled in Korea.

Key Features

  • Fast—up to 70 full-size plates per hour
  • Field upgradeable to protect technology investments
  • Ultra-light & compact
  • Wall-mountable for space-challenged facilities
  • New strong, robust cassettes
  • No bending of imaging plate
  • Accommodates three standard medical cassette sizes
  • Automatic cassette & plate handling
  • One step, integrated scanning & erasing
  • Rugged, torsion stabilized optics
  • Fanless system prevents dust contamination
  • Quiet, stable & low-maintenance
  • Optimal for telemedicine
  • From carton to first image in 15 minutes
  • Features QuantorMed+ Imaging Software—next generation workstation software with an easy-to-use interface for intuitive & fast operation
  • Unlimited software upgrades
Cassette sizes

FireCR Spark Medical Readers accommodate a full range of the most-used cassette sizes:

  • 35 cm x 43 cm
  • 24 cm x 30 cm
  • 18 cm x 24 cm

*Up to 125 IP/hour (18 cm  x 24 cm cassette)


FireCR Dental Reader

The FireCR Dental Reader is a compact and affordable Computed Radiography PSP system for dental professionals. It is designed to provide fast, high-quality reading of reusable dental imaging plates, enabling a better patient care. With its small footprint, the reader fits seamlessly into even the most space-challenged dental offices and exam rooms.

  • From Box to First Image in 15 Minutes
  • Magnetic Feeding Tray Protects Image Plates
  • Supports Full Size 4c Image Plate –No Software Stitching
  • Get Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Built-in Memory of the Last 100 Images



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